Saddle Soap - 3.5 oz

Saddle Soap is an essential leather care product - it gently removes dirt, dust, and grime from your leathers, restoring their "off the shelf" luster. A must have for any leatherman.

Saddle Soap

Saddle Soap is a leather cleaner and minor conditioner that thoroughly cleans leather of dirt, dust, and salt deposits from sweat.

While it can be used on colored leather, it may permanently darken light colored leather.

Cleaning Leather with Saddle Soap

Mr. S Leather recommends you condition every other time you do a cleaning with your Saddle Soap, as this process can remove beneficial oils from the leather.

  1. Dip a soft bristled brush into warm water, then apply the brush to your Saddle Soap in a circular motion (soap will not foam up - this is normal).
  2. Apply the soapy brush head to the area intend to be cleaned. Move the brush in tight circles along the surface of the leather, applying more soap as necessary. Make sure to spend more time on any creases or grooves in your leather where dirt and dust may build up.
  3. Using a clean, dry cloth, wipe the soap residue from the leather while wicking away any excess moisture. Make sure you get all the soap off, as you do not want white residue to surface after the leather dries. Again, pay special attention to creases and grooves where there may be extra buildup.

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