Customer Experience

We play hard with our gear, and we expect it to be as strong as our commitment to service. Whether in our store or on our website, our customers receive the best we can give.

Here's what some of them have told us about their experience. Want to share yours?
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Incredible range of gear matched by exceptional customer service. The shipping to Australia is insanely quick! A recent example, I placed an order on Monday and it arrived on Thursday and this is normal. The Mr S Leather team goes that extra step and does things like including a personal hand written note with your delivery. Mr S is my go-to and sets the gold standard for how small businesses should be run. Bravo!

Holy crap! I just received my custom classic bar vest. It’s only been a couple days since I first sent my first email asking for help on ordering the right size. They were so quick at responding with me email and even added the item to my shopping cart so all I had to do was log into my account and check out. The price was great and when I opened the box today I was in awww. It was packed very well, wrapped for protection, and added paper for custom. It smelled amazing when I opened the box. LoL. It fits so nice. OMG! I love it! I will forever be a repeat customer and one of these days, I would love to visit the shop!! Ordering gloves tonight! Thanks Mr S Leather! You Rock! And quality work. Wow!

- Randy

Hi! Kenneth here wantin to thank you. I have been most of my life starting at age I think it was 15 or 16 wanted to get into the leather gear scene, but was too shy and didn't think I'll look good in it, but then a few years ago at 41yr after a friend talked me into it went online goggled leather stores and yours was the first to pop up. I've purchased gear on and off with other retailers in the country since then also, so seeing that none of them compare to the affordable prices, different types of styles, always coming out with new gear and ships to me reasonably. Now being one of your loyal costumers for a little over 3 years I'm satisfied with all my gear, plus knowing I look hot in it or the compliments I always get whenever wearing it assure me, especially from my partner who says,"I'm already a hotti, but when I put on the leather gear it makes me even more of a sexy hotti." You will always have me as real loyal and I do mean loyal costumer as long as you are in business and hopefully for many more years to come. I just want to say thank you. THANK YOU - THANK YOU - THANK YOU! ❤❤❤

- Kenneth

So incredibly helpful. I accidently forgot part of my address for shipping an order, Dan from customer service was able to catch it before my order left. So so grateful for him catching it as it had x-mas gifts. Thank you so very much for being so awesome!

- Briar R.

I've been a customer for almost 30 years now, and my first piece of gear looks just as amazing as my most recent purchase. Everything from the quality of the leather, the scent, the workmanship, and the customer service is spectacular. Anytime I've had a problem, they've been there for me as well!

- James M.

I cannot speak highly enough about Mr S Leather. The customer service is above and beyond. They only stock items and products that are very high quality and I trust the merchandise they offer because I know they’re as picky as I am, they wouldn’t sell a subpar product. Their website is extremely informative and easy to navigate. A fantastic store, full of amazing products, exemplary customer service, awesome deals and benefits to loyal customers and a real sense of community and pride in their business. Thanks guys!

- John T.

I've bought a few items from the store in the past two or three months, and they arrived fast and as expected. They use a reliable checkout system such as PayPal. Don't be afraid to shop here at all! My partners and I are frequent customers since they provide the highest quality of our needs.

I recently recommended this store to a friend (loved it!), and he bought his very first item the same day!

- Manuel Morillo

Love this store. Creative, erotic, enticing ads of each product. Never had a purchase that I have been disappointed with. Service and followup has always been good too. Of the myriad of erotica stores online, it’s one of the best. Highly recommended!

- Paul C.

Best customer service and best quality products. I've purchased several items from Mr. S over the years. Whenever I've had problems with the fit, they have taken it back (no questions asked) and helped me find a better fit. Their harnesses are also the absolute BEST quality anywhere. You really get what you pay for!

- Jim P.

I've always had a wonderful experience ordering from Mr. S. They have a solid reputation and back it up with their amazing customer service. The products they sell was very high quality and I trust what I'm ordering from them. (Plus I love the little hand written notes they include in the box, nice personal touch.) Orders are always fulfilled quickly and accurately and come in a discreet plain box if that matters to you. Seriously, I can't say enough good things.

- Mitch B.

From the moment I called with questions about the website order form to the final email regarding getting a receipt that I forgot to ask for everyone at Mr. S has been great. I myself work in customer service and people can do surveys on me which is why I never do them. But these people here are truly awesome that I just had to do one for them. Thanks everyone, truly awesome service!!

- Brian M.

Amazing Service. Some of the items I ordered were out of stock but they emailed me immediately to tell me a special order had been placed to be patient but that everything should get here a little longer than it usually takes (not the first time I've ordered from them). Super service and yes they have arrived and look great. Very happy they took that extra step because I will def be back shopping soon! And my order was 100% correct.

- Westin D.

I have ordered both equipment and clothing pieces from Mr-S. I have never been disappointed with the quality or craftsmanship of their gear! I trusted them to do a custom-fit "Leather Santa" suit and have gotten nothing but rave reviews about it. I know the price of their gear can seem a bit high, but remember that it is custom made in house, and it is durable and specialized. It is worth every penny! I'm a customer for life.

- Andy

Mr. S Leather caters to a broad spectrum of customer tastes. The store space is large, well organized and extremely well stocked. Return trips are always much anticipated to see what new apparel and equipment has arrived. Above all, the staff is super friendly and knowledgeable. No need to feel awkward because I get the sense that the staff has likely “been there and done that”, no matter what your interests may be.

- Cali

I have been a Mr. S customer for almost 15 years, And I can’t say enough positive things about how professional they have always been and what a pleasure it is to do business with them.

I’m sure you’ve heard the statement at sometime in your life “you get what you pay for”. While you might be able to find gear cheaper somewhere else, everything I’ve ever purchased from Mr. S has been top-notch quality, much of it made by Mr. S. Itself. Mr. S. Stands behind the quality of the products it sells. I’ve only had to do a couple of returns in all the years I’ve shopped with them, and when I did they were very professional and made it seamless.

- John

Without question, I would always shop at Mr. S. The depth of knowledge, the generosity of the staff and the management, the fact that they produce leather of such quality and workmanship, which is always reliable, has me coming back.

Where I have had to have a piece altered, there has never been a question. It's our product, we'll maintain it, even (in my case) leather that i bought from them 20 years ago.

- Dominic

Mr. S Leather is the best, and most trusted resource for BDSM, kink and leather gear!! No matter what I order, I know it will be of the highest quality, without hesitation. I ordered a sex swing, and it was exactly what I come to expect from Mr. S. Heavy duty, not some PoS from a generic retailer. Thanks, Mr. S!

- Susan

Love shopping at Mr S. The staff are friendly and helpful, and the merchandise is top quality. I really feel Mr S supports the community through events and advertising.

My out of town friends always make this one of their destinations when in town!

And, The store parties are fantastic!

- Liam

I have been a customer for decades now and can say there are no comparisons to other stores (either online or brick and mortar). Mr. S. is the standard by which all others are measured for high quality gear for the serious enthusiast.

- Scott

Mr. S Leather is a community center as much as it is a store. The products are top notch, but it's the staff that really make the store. Everyone I've interacted with has been friendly, welcoming, and genuinely happy to help and answer questions. Even though I don't get to the store that often, it always feels like I'm visiting old friends when I walk in the door.

- Chopper

I ordered my XL square peg egg plug and received it three days later! The photos and description of the plug on the website do no justice! This thing is massive and is exactly what I was looking for! The plug is large, incredibly soft and flexible! The perfect plug to give you a massive stretch while you’re at work or at the gym.

Well worth the money and I will definitely purchase again. Thanks again for the prompt shipping and amazing product!

Just wanted to loop back with you. I picked up the hood on Saturday, and I am extremely satisfied with it. It looks great, fits well, and I've had very positive feedback from my friends.

I already called out your exemplary customer service on my personal Twitter; you really went above and beyond expectations on this item. I'll make sure to tell this story to everyone who wants to hear it, and hopefully direct some future customers your way.

Please give my warmest regards to your designer and give her my compliments for the excellent job.

Once I get proper pictures taken of the hood I'll make sure to send you a copy.

Thanks very much again, and I hope to be doing business with you again soon.

You are some of the most amazing employees and one of the most amazing companies I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with!! Thank you for being you!

History in the community, remarkable staff, consistency.

I've finally gotten the opportunity to spend a bit of time with my new gear, and I just wanted to drop a quick line of thanks. Both the pup hood and the harness look great- and they fit perfectly! Thanks again for getting the harness expedited; it goes well with the pup hood. The harness has black rivets as requested, and looks fantastic- thank you! The custom pup hood looks and feels awesome, your craftsmen did wonderful work.

Thank you guys for all of your help with my order! I'm really pleased and excited with the outcome.

Hello! I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!! You guys are the absolute best!!! I got a pair of very old, hand me down Mr S chaps years ago from a friend who recently passed away, and they didn't fit my thigh. They have been sentimental to me so I couldn't get rid of them. I decided to take them to the booth at MAL for an opinion. Not only was the staff very friendly, but they came up with 2 different ways to alter them. I was ecstatic!

They came in the mail today and the work was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! Such craftsmanship and care! I was also surprised to see they both side zippers and the cord in the back had been replaced!!! I literally broke down and cried because of this. It means so much to be able to finally wear them and have a lasting gift from a friend who is no longer with me.

Words cannot say how thoughtful it was and how grateful I am for this! You truly are an amazing company who I will gladly keep purchasing from. Thank you thank you THANK YOU!!!

I just wanted to thank you all for being awesome. I came in today with a buddy for the first time, but the staff was SUPER helpful and friendly and open with my ridiculous questions about fit and gear. I got exactly what I needed to better torment and torture my husband and I plan to come back often. It was perfect.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Beau-Robert and Mr. Omar for their attention to my recent order. Let me say that I am very pleased with the service I have received while making this project a reality, as well as the final product itself, which is a sensual success.

I had the team bring along one of the Deluxe Full-Body Harnesses to MAL 2016 and was fitted in the exhibit area, and about a half-hour later picked up the harness after alterations were completed. I've wanted one of these for a while and can say that I am extremely satisfied with the quality and fit. I wore it at MAL the remainder of the event. Thank you for making this year's MAL a memorable event!

I can't believe after all these years of window shopping on your site I was able to buy all the stuff I've been wanting. Thanks for coming to MAL! Having seen all your products in person, I'll also be much more open to buying them online in the future.

It was my first MAL. I could only stay for a couple hours, and while it was a bit overwhelming, I had a great time. I loved the ease of picking up my harness after reserving it online. I've been wanting a harness for a while, and now that I had the money, I bought it. My first official piece of gear, and I couldn't be happier. Thank you!

Wow, is all I can say. I visited your store in San Francisco for the first time last night. Upon entering, I was warmly welcomed by a very nice guy, which made me at ease right away. I felt like a kid in a candy store. So much to see, so big a store and SO WELL DONE. Wesley was kind enough to offer his assistance in selecting some items, answer my questions, etc. He made me feel very at ease. It was great to be able to try some products/clothes on. Kudo's to you! As a result of Wesley's help, I came out with much more than I had planned to buy, but I just couldn't help myself. I'm just starting to use the items I purchased and can't wait for all the fun times. Thanks for having such a great store and wonderful staff!

I just have to say how incredibly happy and impressed I am with my purchase from Mr. S. I've toyed around with silicone cock rings in the past, but have always wanted to commit to something more solid. I'm so glad I bit the bullet and went with a steel ring of yours! It arrived in the mail in less time than I expected, is impeccably crafted (Hell, I can see my own reflection in it!)... and fits like a glove. The hand written note welcoming me was definitely a nice and personal touch!

I've always been attracted to, yet stayed away from the less "vanilla" side of myself. Your store has cured me! You've won a customer for life, and I see that brown bulldog harness calling my name.

Thanks again for the awakening and great service!


I just wanted to let you know that while in a popular Chicago dungeon this weekend I and my Master received several complements on a hood made at your business. I, of course, told them where it came from and sang your praises loudly. I have never had any bad experiences buying with you and the products are always awesome. Thank you for your products and service and best to you in 2016.

Hi Guys,

Received my Mr S Leather white jockstrap. Received it in 5 days. Worn it in scene last night and my buds loved it. I have been ordering from Mr S Leather for several years and have never been disappointed with the products or service. You're number one in the gear and porn world. Thanks,


Never gotten to try out a puppy tail before, but after reading all the positive reviews, the bf and I figured we'd give it a try. Shipping was super fast, even to the other side of the country (Alabama). Discrete packaging. And the tail itself is amazing. Super comfortable material and design. Not too big that it was painful to put in, but not too small that it would fall out. I'm a smaller guy, and haven't done a ton with anal, so I went with the small. I give it a 10 out of 10. I look forward to pupping out all the time :) Thanks Mr. S. You guys are awesome.

I have to send you guys a feedback shout out. Your service is top of the line and your product quality is incredible! I'm a one time customer who is extremely pleased with my experience and whenever I need some new stuff, I'll look to you guys first! Thank you for everything and I'll be back for another purchase soon!

Earlier this month, I called Mr. S to get an idea for a special gift for my new boy. I intend to collar him but because of his work, his ability to wear a traditional collar is severely limited. So, I talked to Lupe and he helped me with several ideas and we finally decided to have your shop alter a standard Strap & Buckle Cock Strap by adding a D-ring to make it look like a mini collar. It arrived on Monday and I couldn't be happier. My boy hasn't seen it yet but I'm sure he'll be as pleased as I am with it.

Thanks, again, to Lupe and the folks in the shop who did such great work. I appreciate all their time and their help. I knew calling Mr. S was the right move.

I want to thank the production staff and wall the customer Service. They Make two puppy hood for me and soon they will make the third one. I am proud to say the they are very polite and very understanding. They got the hoods to me way before i expect for they are gift to my pup's. The hoods look great i could not have ask for anything better. My Thanks go out you you all for all your hard work. You have my admiration and respect.

I would like to take the time to thank you for a most friendly and seamless experience I could have hoped for. I requested next day delivery. Wow there it was out of SF to Lubbock Texas!! Hi Five!!! Great Service. Wonderfully crafted!!!

Thanks! You guys Are THE BEST!!! *wags*

I don't think I have ever got service anything near what you guys have provided. Being that this is my first time buying from you guys and even though there was a small hiccup along the way but the way it was handled was phenomenal! Add me to the long list of LIFETIME CUSTOMERS! I'll NEVER use any other store for any sort of gear.

Just a quick courtesy note to say that I received the delivery in a breathtakingly short space of time - something less than 8 waking hours after receiving the dispatch email!

Of course, I am delighted by the quality and the fit. I won't hesitate for a second to recommend Mr. S to friends and am looking forward to making heads turn this Summer! :P


My puppy tail came so fast I couldn't believe it! I ordered Monday night and had it by Thursday. Customer service was amazing. I initially ordered the medium, but then decided I wanted the large instead. I simply called the 800 number on the website, and spoke to a very nice young man who was happy to change my order for me, and shipped it out later that day. The large was the right choice, it feels amazing in, especially when I am wearing the hot new open ass shorts I also ordered. Kudos to the folks at Mr. S. for creating awesome new products and distributing them in an environment that is totally professional and friendly.

Just wanted to let you know that the new vest arrived yesterday. I tried it on, and it's PERFECT. Exactly what I asked for, plus it fit me really well. I am very happy with it and am looking forward to wearing it often!

Thank you so much for being willing to exchange the original vest and making a new one to my measurements. Very happy with your customer service.

Hi Kyle & Christopher and all the folks that made my order possible!!

My order just arrived today and I could not be happier!!! I just wanted to drop a note of THANKS to you all for having such badass products, stellar customer service, and being so personable at every opportunity. I lived in SF from '84 - '95 and during that time, had not only the pleasure of meeting Alan Selby, but got to interact with him on a continued basis. I know that Alan is looking over you guys and so fucking proud of what Mr. S is today. I look forward to many more orders in the future. My warmest regards and fondness to you all,


Highly impressed with the internet order department and was blown away by the actual store. The employees were friendly and knowledgeable of the products. They even explained how some of the products worked and gave you a step by step instruction. The only thing better would have been for them to demonstrate one on one. LOL Ok I am just a horn dog at heart, that's why I love your place so much.

I'm from Texas and was recently visiting San Francisco. I was very excited to actually see the store. I was more than impressed to say the least! I felt absolutely comfortable hopping in the sling, ha! I'd like to recognize Rob for not only making sure I was educated on my new gear, but making sure that I was leaving a happy customer. Mr.S is not only an example of quality, but also customer service. I'm a loyal customer!

Hi guys,

My butt plug harness has arrived safe and sound, and holy crap in a handbasket is it amazing! I tried it on quickly at work just for the fit and wruff! Should probably have gone with the smaller one in hindsight but still it feels amazing, the leather is so soft and supple. The entire thing just looks so well made and it smells great too hehe.. I can't wait to get home and give it a proper good testing.

Thank you soo much for being so quick and doing such an amazing job!

I wanted to say "Thank You" for making purchasing from your online store such a great experience. Chris is the greatest! My wife and I have been enjoying the hell out of the Ass Hammer that we just recently purchased. I just had my FIRST prostate orgasm (it took a little getting used to the Ass Hammer) but eventually, after much pumping, I started to gush....HOLY FUCK! Never felt anything like it. Love your website and your attention to the customer. Please keep up the good work keeping us (true) bi guys happy!

Chris and the CREW of Mr. S Leather

got my package today, thanks for the 2 day shipping

The Neo Restraints are the M F BOMB, the pics on the website do not properly represent what a HEAVY DUTY product that it is AND COMFORTABLE!!!!!

The ULTIMATE blindfold is very comfortable.

will be giving the new toys their first tryout on wed and thursday and really looking forward to it ! HUGGS


Hi Guys,

I just wanted to send you a note. I received my ball stretcher and it fits like a glove. I have not taken it off since I got it. In fact I sent my boyfriend both removal tools so when he gets to town he is the only one who can remove it. It is a fantastic accessory Keep up the great work. I am so so happy. I realize now that the stretching will take a while but I am patient and my boyfriend told me that it was OK. He said we can replace it with a larger one once the skin has stretched enough to be able to handle it. He is just proud of me because I have taken this step for him.


I recently purchased the Shower Shot: Complete Douche Set from your site and my partner and I love it! I am especially happy and impressed with the speed of delivery and service! We look forward to purchase from you again in the future.


A note to say thanks to you and your team at Mr. S Leather. Your e-commerce services are the best I've used on the web.

Great selection, quick processing and the fastest delivery of anyone else online. (including the 300 lb gorillas, like amazon)

Keep up the great work and I'll keep buying from you guys! Regards,

Mark S

Kyle and Chris, Wanted to say thank you for the excellent service and help with my order of jock strap and pouch. The speedy service was fantastic. Received order today and love the quality of the product. NOW LET THE FUN BEGIN!!!! Again thanks for all your help.

Andy Wagner

Again, thank YOU! And thanks for initiating the call. You'all are the standard by which all other customer service should be judged! Seriously! Looking forward to the next time I can be in your store!

Thanks again for everything. Looking forward to the Bronze Large Kidney!



I recieved my package today! Thank you for fast delivery. Absolutely no problems. Great quality. As expected. I will highly recommend you guys in the danish S/M community. Best wishes.


Thanks for providing a welcoming and accepting atmosphere at Mr. S. Leather. I was in last week to get a ball weight, and Matt couldn't have been more helpful. Today I got a pump, and again, your staff gave me their full attention. I've denied my needs for a long time, and just recently decided to act on them.

I appreciate your help, sub

Dear Mr.S,

We are a young couple who have been together for two and a half years. My now husband has been a customer of your website for years and the first thing he ever purchased for me was the singlet and cow hide flogger. I love it!!! Then on our first anniversary he had the gladiator kilt made for me? It was magnificent!

In a Disney World like fashion, on our second anniversary, he took me to the Folsom Street Fair. The trip ended in a shopping spree of your store. It was a sexy fairy tail!! He bought me the 8mm stainless steal locking slave collar and I haven't removed it since (of course, since he keeps the key on his bracelet). We both have purchased items and gift cards for our friends so many times and NEVER ONCE has there been a problem. Your company and employees are wonderful. Everyone we speak to at the store is impeccable in customer service and cares about the product you carry. Thank you so much for everything! I truly mean that. Xoxo


Mr. S Leather,

My new vest arrived today...fitting just right. I'm so glad I ordered it after trying on one of the naked leather vests that was a bit too small at MAL. This feels like it is an extension of my body because it feels so go on my bare chest or over a T-shirt.

Thank you for your excellent and prompt service to our community. From MAL, the young guy in a jock who provided friendly fitting service, to the help from the lady leather worker, to the guy who completed my order and check out. And then to get my vest in less than 2 weeks.

I am a Happy customer and looking forward to my future purchases from your fine company.


Just bought my first product from you, a chain collar for my pup. Wanted to say that I am impressed.

The chain is great, and it arrived far earlier than the delivery date. The thank you note, with written thank you statement was a nice touch.

Will definitely be buying from you again.

I received my hood a few days ago. The quality of leather and workmanship is just awesome! This is my only experience in a hood, so no comparisons. Was difficult to get on the first time, but after wearing it a few days the fit is perfect. WOW! The head trip and isolation is awesome. Just have to say it again - the fit is just awesome! Thanks! A picture is worth a thousand words so I attached one.

I'm not a fan of online shopping, or shopping in general, but a man has needs and Mr. S' website got me excited to do some online shopping.

The order process was simple, package was well put together, and was promptly received. Everything was true to description online, and the personalized note from Kyle was a great treat. I look forward to more shopping at your site and visiting the store next time I am in the city.

Just wanted to say that Josh, the dude with the nose ring and person tat on his arm, did good with the hat and harness choice. Got a 'holy shit' from the boyfriend. Major props go to Josh for being so knowledgeable and friendly for my first leather purchase. Found out it even works with a jockstrap. Cheers,


Hi, Jonathan, I’m writing to tell you how thankful I am for the help and attention I received today from one of your salespeople at Mr. S. His name is Drew, and he told me he’s been working for you for about five months. I interacted with maybe five salespeople at the store today, and they were all wonderful, but I was particularly impressed by Drew, and I wanted to make sure you knew. For whatever reason, Drew made me feel so comfortable as he was helping me – he listened and affirmed what I was saying and even shared a couple of his own experiences that were similar. He made me feel like he really cared about what I was telling him. I cannot tell you how much that meant to me.

Again, all your salespeople are really nice, friendly, and attentive, but my interaction with Drew just kicked things up a notch from anything I had experienced at Mr. S before. So I want to make sure his efforts don’t go unnoticed.

This is my first time in San Francisco, and was excited to be able to shop at Mr. S Leather. The staff is friendly and Knowledgeable, they answered my questions and gave me advice about the WMCBP plug. I couldn't wait to get back to the motel and try it. I have to say that this is really comfortable to wear around the town, whether walking, running, or driving around San Francisco, this item is wonderful. Even sitting here typing out this review this plug makes sitting down a breeze. I am hoping to visit the bay area again and I most definitely will shop there again. I will increase the size as I get used to this one. In my opinion this is the best but plug for everyday wear, and only you know it's there, doesn't show through the jeans. I should have bought the rattler one, but maybe next time.

Mr S Leather your staff ROCKS.

Hello everyone from snowy Philadephia. It's a little over a month since I've gotten the new jacket at Mr S in San Francisco - the leather motocross jacket and I love it. The fit, smell and workmanship is already keeping me warm and snug - and we're not even into Winter officially as yet. Thanks again,


The ordering process is so easy efficient and fool proof. All communication is prompt and accurate. The website is extremely informative and well set out with loads of horny guys that sooooo make you wanna browse through it all. The leather tank I ordered was absolutely great, perfect fit great quality leather and craftsmanship. Thrilled to bits. Despite the shipping charges and customs which are unavoidable. Will recommend to all my leather mates. Item also Very well packaged and so overall I can say I am Really thrilled to bits.

Cheers Guys x

Just wanted to take a moment and thank both Kyle and Beau-Robert for all of their help with this order I made. Both of you went way above and beyond to make sure everything I received not only was correct but looked great on me. My shipment came yesterday and I am happy to say that Beau-Robert's suggestions were spot on! I am so excited and couldn't be happier with all three things I got.

Thank you guys for your time and energy. Take care and see you guys at MAL with my shopping list!

Hi, Chris...thank you so much for taking care of that for me. My buddy raves about the jeans - and the online reviews backed up everything that he was saying.

I buy a lot of #### online....a awful lot. I can absolutely vouch for the fact that purchasing from Mr. S Leather is the kind of experience that every online retailer should strive to provide. I've thought that way for a while, but I doubt that I've shared my appreciation with you all. So....kudos for doing it the right way...your products rock, and your customer service is outstanding. You guys are a pleasure to do business with. Thank you for that.

I just wanted to say that I had received the harness with custom mid-torso-strap a few weeks ago, and it was exactly what I sought for, through the great help of your customer service, namely Chris and Kyle.

It was a really great, easy, friendly, and useful experience doing business with you guys, I appreciate it, and will highly recommend to friends.

My friend is practically delirious with delight for the long sleeved shirt. It fits like a glove and the workmanship is outstanding. A fantastic garment he says. He sent me a vid and he looks like it was made for him. What wonderful work your guys do for you. A labour of love for sure. Thank you. Frank says he has never received a birthday gift as wonderful. Be proud all you guys. Thanks,


Hi Kyle and Marc,

I really want to tell you how pleased I am with the goods I've bought from you guys: they are of excellent quality and furthermore make me feel sexier. Thanks!

And as stated before I'm also really happy with the way you two deal with clients like me: I feel valued and appreciated, not (only) because you are professionals, but because you make me feel you do care. That little detail of adding a hand written note is something I've never experienced when buying on line. Excellent!

I have no doubt I'll buy more of your stuff in the future. Thank you so much for making a guy like me feel appreciated and help me develop my slutty side even more! ;-) Cheers,


I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help and very speedy delivery. I'm impressed. You have a loyal customer :)

I just receive my self gifted 34th birthday box and I'm about to try everything on :) Regards,


Thank YOU so much for the excellent service and quality product. About 2.5 weeks ago I spoke with Mark in the service department - I needed two of the shoulder harnesses trimmed in white with the cock extenders... I needed them Friday before Labor Day. He took the time to physically talk to production and put a rush on this order and they arrived two days before I needed them. WOW!!!! I love them - excellent quality and craftsmanship and I feel fucking hot in it. Thank YOU so much and please do me a favor, THANK MARK for me because he truly put forth an heir that he loved his job and loved helping make this customer happy. Sincerely,


Howdy, Team Mr. S Leather!

Thank you for the accurate order and speedy delivery! Everything in the envelope was what I ordered, and it got here much faster than I thought it would.

Used to shop at your store back when I lived in SF—so glad to know you're still around and doing good business.

I look forward to making my next order with you. Sincerely,


I just received my Garrison caps--super happy with the quality and speed of delivery! I'll be there next week for Dore Alley but wanted to avoid the madness that must descend on your fine store when these things are going on--but I must make it in at some point to experience it. These are great and will have me looking sharp for the weekend's events!


Hey Mr S team, Once again I can't praise your service highly enough. My delivery was received today less than a week after placing my order. Your online service is just as good as in-store! Thanks to all.

Malcolm, Australia

Hello Marc and Kyle, everything arrived with yesterdays mail, and was waiting for me when I returned home from work. Thank you so much for the great customer service--exceeding my expectations. You have a great team, not only with customer service, but also the people in your store are all the best! It is greatly appreciated. Mr. Selby's tradition is kept alive with people like yourselves. With Appreciation,


Hey, my new leather jock arrived yesterday and I LOVE IT!

My Master also liked it so much that he put me over his knee for a good spanking. YEAH! Thanks for the great stuff and the great customer service! We are looking forward to more fun toys to add excitement to our lives and I'm told a CB6k is in my future to help me be a good boy!

This past weekend I received my recent order of the bar harness (and a few other things). As soon as the harness was delivered I tried it on and I love it! I've been wanting to buy it for awhile now but was hesitant to spend the money but then you put it on sale and I couldn't resist. I love the way it fits and the way it looks and am looking forward to getting plenty of use out of it (evil grin).

Thank you for offering such a great item at an incredible sale price!!

Great experience yesterday. I got to your store at 11:30 and got fitted and had both a Neoprene chaps & harness and was back on the road in 30 minutes. Great service! Thanks,


To all at Mr. S Leather:

Thanks, guys for the quick service. Package arrived yesterday. I'm very impressed with your customer service department. You can bet I will spread the word.

I just want you to know how much you are appreciated. Customer service in the most important part of your business, and you have mastered it well. Sincerely,


When I order here at the Netherlands, I receive the package sometimes in over a week. Finally a website which tells the truth about their delivery time. Extremely fast service and response.

I am very, VERY pleased!

So I ordered the WOOF! hood on saturday and living on the east coast I figured that it would take the full 5 days. Nope 3 business days and it was in my mail box. Rushed inside and sir had me in it before the box was even open. Finally a hood that comfortably fits around my glasses. Sir loves the way it looks and loves it as much as I do! I love the hood and so does Master.

Such an amazing hood!

I was in a couple of weeks ago on a Sunday morning. Rob took great care of me. Although I had ordered online in the past, it was my first time in the store. Thanks for a great experience.


You guys are f'ing amazing! The blindfolds arrived today. We fly out of New York at 10pm tonight, and we can't wait to show Cathay Pacific's First Class cabin what sophisticated travel is *really* all about.

I just wanted to let you guys know that you have earned my business for life! I recently purchased a few items from you and I couldn't be happier. You shipped my items very quickly and it was all very well packaged. I love my new leather gear and will likely drop a couple hundred more tonight. Thanks for your awesome store and your prompt attention!


I stopped in to Mr. S when I was in SF in December. The staff was super helpful. I had to custom order my item, however they made it very easy to do so. They estimated 3-4 week turn around time. I got a call 7 days later saying it was ready. The entire shipping and ordering process couldn't have went better.

Every time I'm in SF I make it point to stop in now. :) I received the jacket in the mail today. Another amazing piece of art. I couldn't be happier. I like the shorter cut (instead of overhanging the waist too much). Beautiful interior and craftsmanship. Wow.

Thank you very much.

Mr. S Leather, i just wanted to send you an email to say how very pleased I was with your company and how my order was handled.

I am a new customer and new to ordering online, but Mr. S Leather was so professional and my order was shipped promptly. I appreciate the fact that my order came in a brown package envelope, was private but what i really like the best is the communication your company and I had via email. When I placed my order I quickly received a confirmation of my order, then payment received, then when order shipped and finally an update to confirm order was processed. I received my order and was so excited and ready to try my new cocksling on and I was so excited and enjoyed it very much.

Thank you Mr. S Leather for your outstanding customer service and your product. I will deffentily recommend your site to all my friends. Keep up the good work.

Thankful Customer, San Antonio Texas

Thank you very much for my most recent orders. Phenomenal work and even BETTER in person compared to the pics on the website. Such quality. I love it. I know I'll be back for more.

Please give a big thanks to the mail order department studs for their help.


Hey! I was a little unsure about ordering online, I have had a lot of bad experiences with shops online and was very Impressed By Mr. S. I bought a Collar, lube shooters and a knife for some knife Play. All were amazing! The Collar is much better than I expected, It has not come off since SIR Put it on me. the knife looks amazing and is just right for safe Play, just dangerous enough without causing any problems, The lube shooter look amazing but I have not been able to use it yet. But they worked well when I tested it!

Delivery took much less time than I was expecting. I ordered it on Tuesday or Wednesday, and it was delivered on Saturday!!!!!! All Communications were done so quickly that It surprised me even further, always Less than 24 hours. GREAT JOB GUYS, I will be shopping again, Guaranteed. I have My eye on a few other things and with the quality of what I have, I will be ordering then now!

Thank you guys for the incredible dedication you guys have to what you do. My Family buys a lot of gear from Mr S and you always deliver on and exceed our expectations.

Keep up the great work boys.

I want to thank your staff. My boyfriend's birthday is tomorrow and I ordered a few items from Mr S. The personal service was amazing. We are loyal customers. Forever!

Thank you Sir! My order just arrived in Sweden. Thank you so much for prompt delivery and taking my wishes for method of shipment into account. Much appreciated :) Expect more orders.


Hey Guys, THANK YOU for your speedy shipment of my lubes. I'm a newbie to your website and it was my first order from your site. My package arrived on time, in perfect condition, with a thank you note and every items were perfectly packed, too perfect. You just got another happy customer. Thanks!


WOW! You guys really know the meaning of CUSTOMER SERVICE. I was reading this update when the doorbell rang and my order arrived! How perfect is that.

Guess you guys appreciate the importance of having new toys to take on vacation :) besides I have my own special customer to service!!!

Thank you very much, in these days when customer service is normally non-existent, you just proved that "Hope still springs eternal".


Very sincerely,


Hi Chris,

Thank you so much. The harness arrived a few days ago just in time for my trip to Buenos Aires. It fits perfectly and I want to thank you and everyone else in the production department for all of your help.

I am a loyal fan of Mr. S. Leather, and can't wait for my next trip to SF to stop in the store and say hello to you.

Be well, and thanks again,


I've been a fan of your products for several years now. I visited your store for the first time on Sunday. While, I was of course impressed with your products in person, the customer service experience was even more impressive. All of your staff was very helpful. One of your staff members even helped measure me for a jacket and pants even though I didn't purchase them. I will be making that purchase soon on your website! Well done! Thank you,


Hi – just wanted to let you know I received my new sling toys and could not wait to try them…..I think I’m in love! Tried them out with great results. Holy crap!

Great products.



Thanks so much for your prompt response, I recieved the package and thanks so much for including all the required tools, everything is back in working order again. Jamie and I love the Tee Shirts you included also, so much we decided we'd photograph them on us and post on Facebook. See attached photos. Please pass on my sincerest thanks to the team there, I love Mr S Leather and hope to make some more purchases soon.

Fetish hugs n tugs -


I am always amazed by the quick, professional and exceptional service Mr. S's staff offers. Thank your for your response. I will be ordering soon. I no longer order from any other stores but yours just for that reason.

Thanks, Your happy and loyal customer.


It was my first time to Mr-S, after checking the store's excellent site. I was looking for oxball products but also looked around the store searching for kinky ideas to pop into my mind and how I can use them with my wife and male partner... I received a very good explanation about the differences in materials and sensations and decided to buy the Fat Boy. To my surprise the so so cute salesperson offered me to try one on, and stressed the hygienic procedures the take to make sure all is clean and good to use. He came with me to show me how to use all the goodies I piled already but I could not see what was coming my way... The sensation and the softness and the soft nubs on the inside made my head spin and my leg shake within seconds. I thought I was going to explode right there and then. Of course it made the cut and I am using it to JO as I write these lines at the same time I have the Oxballs "sparkplug" on... Just wanted to share and recommend. I'm gonna go cum again now... Thank you so much! P.s. - I was so horny at the store I was a total douche and forgot to ask the name of the rep. who helped me today. If you remember me please just tell me your name. I'm really sorry but it was a first for me... really


Thanks, Kyle.

You’re part of a fine organization. Example: When placing the order last evening, I was unable either to remember or find my Mr.S Password. It’s not the first time I’ve been unable to cough up a password but your Webmaster – or whoever takes care of such stuff – was much faster and much more cordial than any other website I’ve dealt with. Another Example: Give yourself full credit for this sale. Your replies to emails were quick, easily understood, and cordial. You know as well as I that not all businesses treat their customers so well. It’s obvious you enjoy your work.

Hi guys I would just like to say a big thanks to all staff concerned. I placed an order on 28th August and I received my goods at my apartment in England on 3rd September. Just would like to say you give an excellent speedy service, and you deserve some well deserved praise.

One happy customer XXXXX,


You guys rock!!! My order just came in, well before SE Black & Blue Weekend in Atlanta. As always, not only does the product exceed my expectations, but your team does as well.


Hi you guys, would just like to say what a fantastic shopping experience we had when we came in (twice) on our vacation from England. We bought quite a few things on both occasions which we are very pleased with, and will certainly do some on line shopping.

Thanks - and the next time we are in San Francisco will definitely come in again. You got a customer for life.


You guys are fantastic. This is my 2nd order and it arrived in Sydney, Australia within two weeks. I recommend your company to all Aussies who are after quality and great service.


Thank you x10.

First and foremost I must express my appreciation for your store and amazing gear selection. Second, thanks for your incredible website. I find it easy to use and has all the required information one could possibly need to make an informed purchase. These things make shopping with Mr. S enjoyable and inspire confidence. I am sure with these things you would have a successful business. But Mr. S has so much more, incredible staff.

I planned a trip down from Seattle for the long weekend and wanted to purchase a hood. I emailed customer service a couple of weeks ago with some questions as I wanted to do some planning and narrow down my choices. Chris was absolutely amazing with his knowledge and willingness to answer my questions. He helped me narrow down your wide selection to three candidates and was clear that customers are encouraged to try out product before purchase.

Sadly Chris was not in on Saturday when I made it down. So there I was in the store exploring the hoods and in the early stages of trying on one of the Heavy Duty Hoods with the 3 straps. Linda came by and was an absolute delight in offering assistance with such an intimidating device. With expert hands she had the hood on and quickly tightened everything down. With a wonderful sense of humor she asked if I could breath OK and then covered the holes, I'm sure just so I could find out what it might be like if I couldn't breath in it. : ) She remained nearby as I sat there wondering if the hood was too extreme for my taste and when I was ready to have it removed she was just as quick with assistance in freeing me from the bondage. I didn't need to try on any of the other candidates, I had found exactly what I wanted. I just wasn't sure if it was the hood or Linda (and I'm a gay man!)

While I will always be a client because of your products and ease of transactions your staff have won my heart. Both Chris and Linda made my trip and purchase more then just a business transaction, it was fun, comfortable and enjoyable.

Thank you and best wishes,

Lance (a customer for life)

I just wanted to say I got my Neoprene WOOF! Muzzle order today and I absolutely love it! It meets all of the things (and then some) I really needed in a hood; ability to be worn with prescription lenses, extremely easy to breath in, well ventilated, flexible, and looks very good, very puppy like. I especially love how the ears have a playful wiggle to them and the mouth opens and closes by biting down/releasing on it.

I also wanted to comment that even before I ordered, your customer service has been absolutely amazing. The replies were much quicker than I anticipated, the first I received within just an hour or so of emailing your company. I had some concerns about if it would fit, since I have a small stature over all (it moves around a little bit, but not enough to be a big issue, and hardly at all when biting down on the mouth bit). Chris contacted your prodcution manager to ask if it would fit and gave me information on custom sizing if needed. I plan on being a customer again, you have so many neat products and puppy play items. You guys are fantastic. This is my 2nd order and it arrived in Sydney, Australia within two weeks. I recommend your company to all Aussies who are after quality and great service.


I was again pleasantly surprised by the wonderful customer service I received from Josh R. This man knows his way around your incredible shop, is well versed in all the products you carry, and was able to help me get the WMCBP in just the right size.

In a world where customer service is fading fast, most retailers could learn many things about how to help a customer buy the best product that they have to offer. Josh was pleasant, efficient, and very knowledgeable. I always appreciate the manner in which your staff conduct themselves, and will continue to make Mr. S my first stop. Please keep up the good work, and let your employees know their customers really appreciate the job they do! What a breath of fresh air! What a great sales rep!! Josh is very knowledgeable about your products (which is good because I'm not LOL) and worked VERY hard to meet my needs! He even went so for as to cross reference another website to help me find exactly what I needed.... Thanks Again for the Wonderful Customer Service... I will from now on be using your company exclusivity for all of our BDSM needs :)


Order received today, Thursday (order placed 3pm Wed). This may be a North American record for speed!

The harness in the first order is SUPER!!!!! It's the most comfortable leather I've ever used, and it's not even "broken in " yet. But(t), the "World's Most Comfortable Butt Plug" truly lives up to its name. Hats off to the designer(s). Just an amazing sensation when in place, yet the least hassle for insertion and removal. Anything else that size and filling has always been, not to be facetious, a real "pain in the a--" when it comes to insertion and removal. A super product!!

Look forward to working with you in the future. Thanks,


Just wanted to say thanks for the very quick shipping. I asked and paid for 1 business day, ordered around 3pm EST received next am by 10:00 am EST. Thank you again! I am satisfied with all my items.

I will be back again.

Dear Mr. S,

Please accept my compliments on the efficient way this transaction was handled. I received an acknowledgment of my order, a pdf receipt, a shipping notice and a separate notice from the carrier with a tracking number. The order is due to arrive today. In contrast, at the same time I placed another order for an equal amount from another adult retailer. No acknowledgment of my order, no receipt, no shipping notice....and I called today to find nothing had shipped yet despite a request for expedited shipping. You 'get' customer service. Others apparently don't, so you will get my money in the future.

Thanks again for great system.

I am very new to this part of my life but what a great purchase this harness was. The in person custom fitting was OUTSTANDING and I cannot thank them enough for their support. The product was worn at MATES LEATHER WEEKEND and many guys wanted it.. but it is mine... I did get the extra strap that goes down into your jockstrap...and it was nice getting it tugged on.

THANKS MR S. I can’t wait to come back for more.

I recently purchased the cocksling and it gave me the long lasting grip I had hope for. The added spice to intercourse was super and the orgasm it created was kneequaking!! Personally I had no problems with the fit as it stretches to accomodate. I guess it depends on ones size. Let me add that while this is the first comment I ever left, over three years and nine orders later, I NEVER had a problem with MR S, products or customer service.

Top notch gents!!


I recently order a small, red ball gag from your website and I just wanted to say I am so impressed! The gag is so great my boyfriend and I called in to work sick when it arrived. Also, I'm super impressed with your customer service; everyone was super friendly, there was great attention to detail and the gag arrived quickly. You guys are awesome!

Thanks again!


I told my slave the other day--"If you want quality leather BDSM gear, the gays know it better than anyone else!" I just received my first item from Mr. S, the Fetters 2" Locking Collar, that I ordered for my slaves' birthday gift. It's beautiful and I couldn't be more impressed with the quality. You've just made yourself a returning customer and a very happy Domme and slave :)

Keep up the good work and I will start my wishlist and send it out to the masses :)

K. C., Bloomington IN


I can't believe I just ordered my stuff late Thursday night and today (Monday), I have it, half way across the country! Amazing. What's even more amazing is the package was neatly assembled with a personal, handwritten note from a Mr. S staff man inside. The cock pump kit looks awesome and I can't wait to give the new oval cylinder a spin. I thank you and my junk, which is about to be increasing in size, thanks you! I will definitely be ordering again

Kevin, Nashville, TN

Gawd – you guys are faster than speeding bullets!

I ordered my goods and W O W – the door chime peeled three days later and a gentleman presented your package to me.

That ain’t half bad for getting the goods half way around the world.

Thanks for your prompt attention to my order and I’ll be looking forward to purchasing more gear from you. Kind Regards,

Rod O., Gosford Australia

Wanted to drop a note and tell you how much I appreciated the service that I received from Mr. S. - a fast turn around, shipment notification and taking the time to personally show your appreciation for my business. Many companies stick a slip in the box saying thank you, but to address a note to me personally meant a lot. Thank you! This is my second order and it will not be my last. I visited during Folsom and was impressed by the friendliness of the staff and your shipment to me was more than I could ask for. I have already told my friends that you are the one to do business with.

Cornell H., Reno, NV

I had the day off on Monday so I drove into town from Reno because I have always been fascinated with your selection online. Well, anyway, I wanted to thank your staff. They were also helpful and very kind. I walked away with 5 items and enjoy them very much. I will be back.

Thanks again.

Tony R., Reno, NV

I'm very impressed with the quick turnaround, particularly since I'd written it wasn't urgent. Customer service has dwindled so badly over the years (and being 50+ I've been around long enough to see it). Mr. S is an extraordinary exception.

So ... many thanks, again - to everyone there.

Rick H., Celebration, FL

Hi to all at Mr S Leather.

Just a quick note to say you have great service and I am very happy with you shipping of goods to me. I must say that your shop and staff are just the best and I can spend hrs there. You all are great.

Keep up the good work.

Special thanks

Very happy client

Sean B., Toodyay, AU

I work in customer service and have more or less most of my entire life and when I find an attentive sales person I like to compliment them. Kirk was great, informative, very helpful, and took great care of my needs as a customer buying some leather pants.

I hope you can pass this along to the powers that be as in life, all too many complain, and not enough tell managers about the good stuff.

Bob G., San Francisco, CA

When I was in SF for Dore Alley I made several trips into Mr. S. As a middle-aged man with 30 pounds to lose there can be times when I go into some stores and don't feel like I get service. Over 5 days, I stopped in daily and got excellent service and assistance. Jim in particular was very helpful to me on more than one occasion offering me guidance. He made me feel more than welcome. He even remembered my name after the first day - which is pretty incredible considering the amount of traffic you guys got over the week.

For me - getting excellent service is important. I do a lot of teaching in our community and am frequently called upon by my students in various bdsm, fetish, and leather classes to offer advice on where to shop. Mr. S will continue to get glowing recommendations from me for the high quality items you carry and for your commitment to the customers and their experience.

When I left for SF, I said I probably would not do much shopping as I already have several thousands of dollars in toys...well I am a happy man now with more new toys to play with thanks to Mr. S and your great staff.

Tim S., Boston, MA

Just wanted you all to know that I gave you a 5 Star (highest) rating today.

We were in town from 7/22 to 7/28 for Dore Alley weekend and were in Mr. S several times.

Great store, great stock and great staff. It was really nice to walk in and experience friendly, helpful staff who also knew what they were talking about.

GREAT job...we'll see you again at next year's event.

Jeff M., Wichita, KS

I wanted to express my gratitude for the excellent service I received from your Internet sales staff. I recently made a couple of purchases and was very surprised to receive two calls ensuring I wanted the items sent in the same box and that a substitute item would be sufficient. Your staff was professional and courteous. This was above and beyond what I expected.

Thanks again...A Satisfied Customer

Robert S., Tampa Bay, FL

As you know there are many leather manufacturers out there but it is the customer service at Mr. S that keeps me coming back.

- A.S.

Hi, Want to thank you for the super fast service of my order...just great, and the Pogo is much better than expected too.. Thank Porkchop for me....

Frank, Veazie, Maine